The FTSE Show 012 | Centrica plc – British Gas

centrica plc

How do you research the best stocks to invest in? This show is dedicated to tearing apart FTSE stocks and finding the best of the best companies to invest in for long term share price growth.

This week we run some in-depth research and take a look at the highly popular Centrica plc. With over 43 million shares exchanged per day in this stock it seems traders and investors alike are very active with these shares. Yet over the last 5 years the price has yielded a -69% loss in value.

I took a look at the deeper numbers to see just what is going on at Centrica plc and to decide are they a good investment or not?

The FTSE Show is dedicated to researching stocks to invest in for share price growth. Need help finding the right stocks to invest in? Head on over to the website for more information.

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