The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP053 – Cannabis Stocks

chris chillingworth

Am I bullish on cannabis stocks? Is this where all the smart money is going right now? The results I’ve found may surprise you. This week we delve into this new industry and find out whether I’m interested in investing in this sector.

The CLEAN Trader podcast was created by active trader Chris Chillingworth to share insight, ideas, tips and experience on how to improve as a mechanical systematic trader. Self-described as a British bearded analyst and investor who likes board games, rock music, wine and formula one racing.

As a stock investor and analyst, Chris does not make predictions on the stock market. Instead, he focuses on companies that have the greatest odds of rising in value based on their ability to pass his rigorous financial criteria. Only 28 FTSE companies from the FTSE 100, 250, SmallCap, Fledgling and AIM indices have passed his test. Of those, 96% have since risen in value since inclusion.


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Chris Chillingworth is a systematic mechanical investor, spreadbetting and investing in stocks, indicies, commodities and forex markets.
Chris is the host of the The CLEAN Trader Podcast, a show dedicated to Trend Following strategies, as well as The Spreadbet Beginner Podcast, a show dedicated to Financial Spreadbetting using Trend Following techniques, with both shows reaching over 160,000 downloads and counting.
Chris is the author of the book “How to Invest Your Money in the Stock Market”. Available here at Amazon.

Chris also runs a one to one coaching and stock picking newsletter called the Inner Circle, details of which can be found on his website.
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About Chris Chillingworth

Self confessed lover of racing, american football and whiskey. Trader and Investor since 2011. Chris has now coached over +1500 traders using his mechanical systematic trading strategies and now also runs a members only watchlist of FTSE stocks.

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