The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP051 – Missing Signals

What do you do if you keep on missing signals? What are the implications of missing signals? How can you fix this problem in your trading and spread betting?

The CLEAN Trader podcast was created by active trader Chris Chillingworth to share insight, ideas, tips and experience on how to improve as a mechanical systematic trader. Self described as a british bearded trader who likes rock music, wine and formula one racing.

Mechanical Systematic trading is a strategy that does not make predictions on the stockmarket. Instead it looks at reacting to what the price of a market is actually doing. There is no attempt to be right, on the contrary, mechanical system traders expect to be wrong most of the time. They focus on killing losses quickly and letting winners run to ensure profitability.


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Chris Chillingworth is a systematic mechanical trader, trading and spreadbetting stocks, indicies, commodities and forex markets using mainly End of Day Trend Following Trading systems.
Chris is the host of the The CLEAN Trader Podcast, a show dedicated to Trend Following strategies, as well as The Spreadbet Beginner Podcast, a show dedicated to Financial Spreadbetting using Trend Following techniques, with both shows reaching over 150,000 downloads and counting.
Chris has been coaching both beginners and experienced traders since 2014 and has so far helped over 1500 traders and spreadbetters improve their results. Chris provides online video courses to help traders understand what they really need to know in order to become profitable and has always championed that your psychology is more important than your mechanics.
Chris also runs a one to one coaching and stock picking newsletter called the Inner Circle, details of which can be found on this website.
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About Chris Chillingworth

Self confessed lover of racing, american football and whiskey. Trader and Investor since 2011. Chris has now coached over +1500 traders using his mechanical systematic trading strategies and now also runs a members only watchlist of FTSE stocks.

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One Comment on “The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP051 – Missing Signals”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I emailed a while back as I was heading for another high neg R value for 2019, you emailed back prompt saying you would look at the info I had enclosed and try to get me back on track. Though you haven’t had time to email me personally the info you put into the public domain and the fact that you started the 2 monthly suggestions for £20/m have made a big difference to my spread betting, I have been able to trade 3 of your pics within my system, which at this time are showing a profit of £216.47 which is a good return for the out lay of £60. I appreciate that with a spread bet this may be less when I get a close signal. Overall though I had a moment when I could have finished the year with a very small profit, if I had closed all trades. I have instead carried all open trades over into 2020, which means I closed 2019 with still a large -R22.55 instead of reducing it to -R7.52. using trades that showed a profit but no close signal. As this occurred in the last 2.5months I would like to thank you for the info you give out free and the great value in what you sell. My level 2 course and monthly sub of £20 are worth every penny.
    Regards Martin Eastwood

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