Gold Membership Feedback!

I’m up +6% in 6 months!

Since joining the Gold Membership back in June I’ve actually started to enjoy investing. Knowing the companies that I am now invested in gives me peace of mind that they are solid companies with a good chance of growth in the coming 10-20 years. I look forward to receiving the watchlist reports Chris sends out every week in anticipation he might have found another potential company to add to his watchlist and the hours he spends on top of that carrying out deep-dive analysis on these companies and sending these reports out to gold members. I’m not in this process to get rich quick, I tried that on my own before I signed up to Chris’s Gold Membership and lost money. Finding great companies to invest in takes knowledge and experience, Chris has both. I’ve flagged up questions to Chris and he’s got back to me every time without fail. Even when I take off my monthly membership fee with Chris I’m still up 6% in 6 months, this is amazing, taking into consideration the FTSE 100 and this year 2020! I will trust Chris’s in-depth, methodical research into these great companies for long term growth potential. So anyone considering signing up to the ‘Gold Membership’ I hope this helps you decide!
Neil Garbutt

You can give anyone my email!

Chris, you can give anyone my email and I will tell them that you are the best at what you do and give excellent value for money. Your research is first class and the companies that score well on your system are very strong companies.  I am up over 30% on my portfolio.

Peter Mcgee

Thank you Chris!

Thank you for your reports, I’m new to self investing and started buying shares from your portfolio in April 2020. I’m up 13.48% so far this year I’m more than happy following your 10-year plan. Thank you!
Melvyn Brine

The results speak for themselves Chris!

Working with Chris since May as part of his Gold Membership programme and showing the following results which speak for themselves!

Stock 1 up +19%

Stock 2 up +30%

Stock 3 up +43%

Stock 4 up +3%

Stock 5 up +28%

Stock 6 up +11%

Pat Lavelle

Your program is invaluable!

For anyone out there that are looking to get into long term investing or just want to learn new techniques, the Gold Membership is perfect. I started with very little knowledge, a few months later I now feel confident that I can choose good companies/stocks to invest in, with the confidence that these will pay off over time.
If I hadn’t taken the leap into this I would still be searching the web trying to understand how to invest and going around in circles.
For someone that is just starting out and doesn’t have any knowledge on long term investments or anyone to point them in the right direction the long term investment program is invaluable and if followed, will pay off 10x.
Sam Burrows

I’m easily beating the overall market!

I joined the mentor program in July and made my initial stock purchases in August followed by monthly purchases thereafter. Since making the initial purchase the FTSE 100 has increased in value by +2.9% compared to the Clean Trader stocks I purchased which have grown in value by +10.3%. So the gain in a short period of time has been excellent.

However, the best part of the experience has been the increased knowledge and change in mindset. After analysing a decade or more of financial information Chris comes up with a watchlist of businesses which all have certain characteristics. He looks for sales growth over an extended period, high gross margins, expenses trending in line or below the growth in sales and manageable debt levels leading to good operating margins and return on equity. Chris will then use a pricing mechanic based on a price-earnings and net asset ratio to form an opinion on current market capitalisation. Rather than searching through hundreds of listed companies, the amateur investor can review the watchlist companies, decide which ones he/she has a good understanding of and are priced sensibly and choose from there.

Mark Burgess

My portfolio is up +22.47%

I took a quite a long time in deciding to sign up for the Gold subscription (I joined as one of the investment students in July), asking Chris quite a few questions which he answered honestly and clearly.
Anyway, I thought if this is b******* then I will cancel the subscription and let as many people know NOT TO FOLLOW WHERE FOOLS TREAD. My thoughts being it would cost Chris more financially than it cost me!
Once I joined as a student Chris sent me a questionnaire, followed by a link to the training course which, to be honest took up a fair bit of time to complete. With the knowledge of the course, I understood the importance of mindset. By mid-August, I felt confident in what I was doing and opened my trading account and set up a watchlist, following Chris’s report he sends every Saturday.
My portfolio to date is +22.47%.  I do believe that thanks to guidance and research of Chris and his team the companies within my portfolio are in a strong financial position and should continue to grow over the next 10yrs and beyond. I can honestly say I feel confident I have spent my money wisely with the Gold subscription.
Derrick Sutherland

You’ll learn so many things!

My name is Alex I’ve been following Chris in and out for the last 3 years, never really sure who I should be following,  But since I finally took up his Gold membership program I really began to see things from a different perspective, and that’s just it when you’re ready to see things in a different way and stop chasing the Markets which we all have done at some stage you’ll begin to understand that we must slow down and have patience, so stop beating yourself up and go for you won’t regret it, you’ll learn so many things!

Alex Toselli

My portfolio is up +28.9% with Chris

I am not that great with words but I have to admit that since joining the gold membership programme and being able to read on the reports produced on each candidate in the watchlist, I have been able to build a picture into the companies within the watchlist which I want to place my money into.
In the past when prices of the shares which I had purchased without much research or financial due diligence had dropped I would instantly go to forums to check but now through the work completed by Chris, I have actually made purchases even when the value of my investment has been going down and this is thanks to the detailed analysis completed by Chris. I would definitely recommend potential investors to sign up to the program and as there is no minimum commitment if it’s not for you or what you are looking for them you can easily cancel but I don’t think you will especially if you are looking for long term growth stocks to supplement your income and in time become a primary source.
Since joining the Gold Membership the picks I’ve taken on based on Chris’s analysis have achieved a combined +28.9% growth.
Imran Patel

Up +5% so far

Short and sweet, i’ve only been with Chris since August, and I have a +5% return so far, beating the FTSE 100. Good signs for heading into the next year.

James Shaw-Jackson

The service is excellent!

After 8 months of trading with no knowledge, I realised that in order to succeed I needed help. I decided to sign up with Chris after watching his YouTube video on Taylor Wimpey. I like his style, his straightforward talking, easy to understand, the way he analysed the company’s financials. I did a lot of research on Chris and was reassured to know he was quite local to me.

I’ve been with Chris for four months now and the service is excellent. Under the gold membership with Chris the most important thing is mindset which is actually the most difficult thing to master. With Chris‘s help and my determination, I hope to conquer my mindset which I believe is my downfall to trading successfully.

Susie Fountaine

I have profits of just over +20%

I was recommended to Chris by a friend a few years ago and have purchased a couple of his courses in the past.  I subscribed to the Gold Membership in July as this fits my trading personality better and gives me more freedom. The service he delivers saves hours of work researching and invaluable support for my decision making.  Since my initial investments in August through to November, I have unrealised profits of just over +20%.  Chris is always available to answer any questions, advise and support if and when needed.

Russell Bates

Up +32% this year, what more can you ask for?

I have been a member of another Share advisor group, which have provided a fair service, however, the Clean Trader Gold Membership provides a much higher level of service, share guidance and weekly updates, I am up +32% this year, what more can you ask for.

Colin Rooke

I think your service is the dog’s wotsits!

Chris, I think your service is the dog’s wotsits.

I’ve been a subscriber to your Gold membership for nearly one year now and to say I’m very pleased to be involved is a huge understatement. At the outset, I decided to commit to it for 12 months and had accounts I’d neglected for years. Switching out of those slumbering giant stocks into those that meet Chris’s criteria has produced roughly a +5% rise in the value of the portfolio for 2020 one of the most challenging years in my memory. Holding the stocks I’ve switched out of over this time would have left me nursing -15% losses. The cost of Gold membership is less than a good night out once a month and you’re not tied in for a minimum length of subscription.

Andrew Hall

One of the most fairest and decent guys I have come across

I don’t trust many people, but since dealing with Chris I have emailed him a couple of time’s for advice and his suggestions have been positive and gave me options, I have never met Chris personally, but one day I would like to, I have a gut feeling that Chris is one of the most fairest and decent guys I have come across.
Of the companies I selected and invested in before joining Chris, I am down -16%
Of the companies I have bought based on Chris’s watchlist, I am up on average +16.2%
Dave Tesseyman

Its been a long time since I’ve had such impressive results like this

As a long term investor some 35 years under my belt, I thought I was doing OK. Started following Chris Chillingworth around 18 months ago. I joined the Gold Membership in 2020 and reviewed and purchased 3 recommended stocks from Chris’s companies that he has “clean scored”. I was confident in the analysis he had done.

Subsequently, each of these stocks are up over 35%. It has been a long while in my trading years that I have had such impressive results. These are part of the 10-year hold strategy action plan that Chris has implemented with me. Having a like-minded young talented investor who believes in analysing companies results, reviewing such a wide range of stocks in the UK and hopefully later some USA stocks, I am thrilled to have joined The Clean Trader gold membership and that in its self is solid investing.

Quenten Pearsell

I feel I can 100% trust you!

Chris, it’s great to see how passionate you are with your work, so much information and massive amount of time and effort you are putting into this service is what makes it so great.

Only 4 months in and up 10%, and even more impressive, I have used the information you provide to invest in my son’s junior isa on his behalf, and unbelievably, it is up 50% in just 2 months, just wow!!

Absolutely genuine top bloke that I feel I can 100% trust and is and always has been there to help with any problems, even before I subscribed to the service.

Stick with this guy and I truly believe we will all do very well!

Jody Richman

Up +8% across my portfolio for the year

Have been signed up with you since October last year investing each month in the watchlist. Before COVID we were up, then we were down and now we are up again. As you say it’s the long term result that matters, buy shares in solid companies, think long term.

It’s a great service as far as I’m concerned as an enormous amount of research has been carried out for a small monthly investment.

Dean Garland

I would advise others to definitely join!

I’ve been a Gold Member for 7 months and, investment-wise, its proving to be one of the best decisions I’ve made

I randomly came across Chris from his Youtube video’s and was intrigued as to how he was analysing and scoring companies. Some of the poorer performing shares which I previously held, were reviewed and I knew from then I had to change my decision-making process and I had to make contact with Chris. I became a Gold Member and over the course of the last few months, I have been slowly building a portfolio of shares recommended to Gold Members. I see a lot more gain positions now  (up 21% so far) across my portfolio and I have the confidence that the hard work of analysing the companies has been done by Chris and his team and that I am buying solid companies for the future.

I look forward to receiving the weekly Watchlist Updates and Deep Dive Analysis Reports in order for me to make a much more informed decision in making an investment and would advise others to definitely join. Thanks Chris!

Rav Bougan