A short cut to avoiding many expensive mistakes…

The course is like taking a short-cut through hours of book reading and hours of practical trading, but avoiding the many expensive mistakes that starting off on one’s own steam would entail.

I liked very much Chris’s style and ease of understanding and logical framework. His insistence on responsible trading and risk management are vital, and the course is worth alone the cost on getting these lessons absorbed. My only criticism is Chris’s overly ‘waffly’ style and I think that he could either reduce each module in time. Having said that, the course is like having Chris – an experienced trader who actually trades – as your personal mentor! It is very reassuring to know that Chris has already been where you are currently, and that he has the best interests of his students at heart, and is always ready to help his students in various ways.

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Self confessed lover of racing, american football and whiskey. Trader and Investor since 2011. Chris has now coached over +1500 traders using his mechanical systematic trading strategies and now also runs a members only watchlist of FTSE stocks.

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