Here’s a rare opportunity to follow what I’m buying!

So you’ve got a decent system that tells you when to get in and out. You’ve learned not to try and predict the market and instead trust in mechanical signals so that when the big moves happen, you’ll guarantee your ticket to the ride.

But, how do we choose the stocks? There are thousands to choose from. And when you run your daily scans there seems no solid way of picking through which ones you should be putting your money into and which ones you should be leaving well alone.

My stockpicker stock recommendations continue to beat most if not ALL the stock-picking newsletters I’ve read and subscribed to over the years.

95.4% of the stocks picked by my selection criteria have raised in value since they were selected. I’m expecting that % to rise over the next 5 years.

Let me be clear about that. 95.4% of the stocks highlighted by my stock selection criteria have gone on to rise in value since being identified.

Over the last 8 years, the FTSE 100 has risen by a total of 20% to the present day. However, the 22 picks made by my facts-only based selection criteria have made a 208% increase over the same period. No other newsletter comes close to that.

Why else is it so good?

For example, HLMA selected in April 2009 is currently up +1061%. No joke, look it up. ABDP identified as a great stock since Sept 2014 is up +1229%. TFW identified back in July 2010 is up +382% and HWDN identified as a buying opportunity in January 2014 is currently up +65%.

Indeed, had you instead purchased equal positions in all 22 stocks starting from just January 2019 you would currently up +18% for the year.

This is the Real Deal.

Anyone who has followed my work bought any of my courses or met me in the flesh knows that I’ve always prided myself on my integrity. My courses have always provided a high return on investment for the price paid. My customer support massively beating that of the various self-proclaimed trading “guru’s and coaches” out there.

So when I say this is the real deal, I mean it.

I’ve had my hands on this a long time now. Over the past 8 years when my inbox has been full of “how do I know which stocks to buy?” and “can’t you just tell me which ones to invest in” I’ve sat on it and not shared it.

Why the secrecy?

I wanted to be 100% certain.

After years of telling people that relying on analysts stock picks was a fool’s game, I wanted to be absolutely 100% certain that if I started sharing my own picks that I not only got it right but that my picks were beating whatever picks you could get elsewhere.

Having completed what I feel is a rather rigorous test, I’m now ready to share it.

What makes it different from everything else out there?

Real simple. Most newsletters are based on analysts opinions. Their predictions. They’ll pick out stocks they think are going to do well and call them out. They are often wrong, and anyone following and taking action end up losing money.

The leading stock selection newsletter I subscribe to (for research only, not to use the data for picks) told their 115,000 subscribers in September 2018 “I think we’re going to see great things from QUIZ over the coming years and they are set up to do great things. Buy these shares whilst they’re cheap.”

Imagine how many of the 115,000 took action and bought shares off the back of this? On that day QUIZ shares were worth £1.56 a share.

Today?…. they’re worth 0.16p a share.

THIS is why I wanted to make sure before I ever began to help anyone in this area of trading.

Interestingly QUIZ massively failed my analysis back then in September 2018. We never would have considered them as an investment. In fact, they were showing signs of a potential SHORT opportunity!

I personally spend 2-3 hours PER COMPANY analysing their financial data. Over the years I have developed my own personal checklist that a company must pass in order to qualify for my watchlist.

This is based solely on factual data.

No personal opinions. No bias. Just factual accounting data.

Companies that are doing everything right, and doing it so well that their share price is almost certain to rise in value over the forthcoming years.

My specific criteria and what I’m precisely looking for is private. It’s my KFC recipe of 11 herbs and spices and I assure you it’s finger-licking’ good.

Here’s what I will tell you, however.

Those 2-3 hours are spent personally trawling through every annual report of each company over the last 10 years. Yes, there are websites that give you the fundamental numbers much quicker, but these miss crucial nuances in the numbers. This method of simply skimming the top is lazy analysis and won’t give you the true picture of what’s going on in a company.

For instance, when Cobham plc [COB] released their 2018 Annual Report the financial statement showed a £73 million profit for the year. Now, this is factually correct, however, on digging through the numbers a shrewd investor will see that this profit came from the one-off sale of extraneous assets that year. The profit did not come from the recurring revenue of their business. Investors want to see the underlying performance of the actual business doing well. One-off sales of rights, land, property, patents or sometimes entire sections of the business cannot be relied upon each year.

Interesting then that if the extraneous sales are removed from the numbers, the companies true profit for the year was a -£153 million loss. That’s right, a loss. The 4th time they’ve posted net losses in the last 3 years in fact.

Yet if you looked at the top-level data, you’d think they were doing well and according to my broker are in the Top 20 traded UK stocks with their clients.

This is just a tiny sample of the detail. A snippet of my checklist that all stocks are put through.

Truth be told, most stocks fail my tests. Companies like BAE Systems, BT, Rolls Royce, Tesco, Tate & Lyle, Royal Mail, G4S, Saga, Travis Perkins and Easyjet are all examples of companies I would not be investing in based on my analysis. Yet they remain popular amongst amateur traders buying into the name, not the performance.

The bar is set very very high with my stock selection criteria. I am only selecting the best of the best.

Every now and again, another stock I find passes the test. Sometimes these are unknown companies, doing fantastic work and not being recognised for it. When everyone is putting their money into companies that they’ve heard of, shrewd investors are putting their money into the companies you haven’t heard of. Companies who are doing great work and making their shareholders superb profits.

Indeed, my selection criteria has already identified 2x FTSE Small Cap companies you’ll probably not have been aware of that already in 2019 have returned 27% and 15% respectively.

It has also identified 3x FTSE AIM stocks that you definitely haven’t heard about, including one that since being added to my watchlist has made a 219% return, getting in at £1.62 and today sitting at £5.16 a share.

How Can You Get Involved?

I am starting a brand new service for a select few people and I’m inviting you to get involved.

It’s fantastic value for money. The return on investment will mean that it pays for itself, that’s how good it is.

When you subscribe, you’ll get 2x new stock recommendations each month.
Each recommendation comes with an in-depth (but easy to understand) colour .pdf breakdown analysis explaining why I recommend the stock.

I will also be sending out exclusive reports on the best stocks to invest in within certain sectors. Interested in the robotics sector for example? I’ll be sending subscribers a report on the best robotics stock to invest in based on my selection criteria.

So in summary, you’ll get:

  • 2 reports a month, highlighting my full breakdown analysis on why I’m recommending them
  • exclusive yearly reports, only available to subscribers
  • access to all these for a very small affordable fee
  • a return on your small investment

Of all the investment newsletter’s I’ve come across, this is one of the least expensive. I’m so confident that you’ll make money back from investing in this that I’m also setting this up with no minimum subscription period.

Meaning that if you wish, you can sign up and leave at any stage. The control is entirely in your hands. Therefore, if you wish you can sign up for a month and then leave.

I’m confident you won’t want to do so though.

This is a low risk, high reward set up, only for those that have followed my work and supported me over the years.

i.e. You

I’m only going to initially charge £20/m for this service. An amount I 100% expect you to make back from the stock selections being made by my criteria. Again just look at the returns my approach has made against other index funds.

This price will likely go up, however. It’s worth way more than £20. But I wanted to allow people in to test with limited risk.

Of course, those who sign up for £20 will be locked in at that price for life. Meaning that if I do raise the price, you’ll remain on the £20/m subscription until the day you leave, if you ever do.

To access the subscription sign up simply head on over to this link and try the service for just £20.

Warmest Regards

Chris Chillingworth