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  1. Hi Chris,
    Sorry to bother you again but I wish to know why I had my payment of £147 for the 1hr spread betting course returned. I apologise if my emails /notes do not come across well but my written English is not very good.

    I first DM yourself on the 20 August at 09:46 asking if you could find out if I had registered for your 1hour spread betting course as it was saying I should be logged in to be successfully checkout which I was at the time.

    I then DM three times on the 23 August at 09:14, 12:08 and 13:28, as I wanted a paper trail and did not want to miss out. In the afternoon I called my bank that afternoon and was informed that the payment of £147 had not been paid, so at 16:57 I enrolled and received an email from paypal (receipt number: 3644-6416-0634-0542, invoice ID 3969) which informed me that the payment had gone through.
    I then received an email at 20:15 from PayPal which informed me that I had been refunded £147 (transaction ID 5C6639426T678233H).

    Also I still can’t access thecleantrader.com website but can get access to my accounts via: spreadbettingbeginer.co.uk website which you very kindly sent by FB messenger.

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards,

    John Bailey.

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