LEVEL 2 – Mechanical Systematic Trading – Home Study Course

chris chillingworth level 2When was the last time you finished a trading year with an actual profit?

Want to know why you haven’t been making money with your trading? I can show you precisely why it’s not been working out, and more importantly, how to fix it and finally start getting the results your hard work and persistence deserves.

Did you know that according to IG.com, 79% of their clients lose more than they win? In other words, 8 out of every 10 traders lose money overall.

Level 2 Mechanical Systematic Trading Course

Now I know we live in a world of trading coaches and gurus all telling you that you need to buy ‘X system’ or use ‘Y indicators’ to make money. Others will tell you that you need their opinions, predictions and picks in order to make money.

So before you run thinking this is just another pitch, let me explain that I’m as transparent as I can be. I think telling the truth is paramount to integrity.

Yes I show my results. I have a youtube channel and I regularly record videos showing my trading. I also share many results in my Facebook group.

Yes I sell courses. I like making extra money. Who doesn’t? When you’re really bloody good at something that millions of people around the world are struggling with, then you’d be mad not to build some kind of business from that I say. I teach people what I know. I show them how to start making a profit from their trading. You pay me, I teach you, you get a skill for life to make more money with. Everyone wins.

I’m not a millionaire. I do not have a lambo (I don’t particularly like cars). I do not live in a mansion (I dream of a simple cabin on a mountain in remote Alaska). I also do not have 100 photos on my instagram of me wearing my Rolex. (I don’t own a Rolex).

I have however had 6 winning years from the last 8, I share my trading results on my Youtube and in my Facebook group which now holds over +1100 people and I have taught over +1500 people how to turn their trading around and not only stop losing money, but start making money.

My podcast now has over 150,000 downloads and over 500,000 people have watched my Youtube channel.

More importantly, I have testimonials ringing out of my ears, because I get RESULTS for people.


Here’s some screen prints of real results achieved using my unique approach to trading.

spreadbet courses


So in order to find out if this Level 2 course is for you I’d like to ask you some very brief questions.

  • Are you tired of the same old poor results year after year?
  • Are you frustrated with not knowing if your system really works?
  • Struggling to keep yourself accountable and disciplined?
  • Are you curious about the 21% are doing differently to most traders?
  • Confused about which stocks to buy?
  • Are you secretly afraid you don’t know what you’re doing?
  • Are you drowning in a sea of information and over-complication?
  • Are you paying too much for expensive software and trade picks?
  • Do you wish someone could just create an easy to follow roadmap on how to get your head around profitable stockmarket trading?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then pay close attention.

I started trading in 2011. I bought a position in Silver and within a day I turned £500 into £1100. I was hooked. I’d never found a way to make money so quickly and easily.

I spent the next 2 years losing all my money. I lost thousands in fact. I made all the common mistakes the 79% of losers make. I made them over and over again. But I was still hooked. I was certain there was a way to make money on the markets. If I could just work out how it was done. If only I could find that perfect system that never loses.

One particular morning I took a long position out on the German DAX index. I had no risk management strategy. No real exit strategy. No system to speak of. I just dived in, focused on the profit I could make, not the money I could lose.

It wasn’t long before the trade began to move against me. After just a few hours I was down £100. Then it fell to £200. Then £300 loss.

It was around the £300 loss mark that I started to panic. When I found myself outside my own risk tolerance level I became stuck between two choices.

Close the trade and accept the £300 loss. Or leave it open and hope things improve. Closing the trade was too difficult to do. Especially when I valued £300 so highly. By closing the trade I was cementing in the loss. It felt like handing the money over. Money I couldn’t afford to lose.

I told myself things couldn’t get any worse. I was convinced the price would rise again and I’d recover some of my loss.

Only it didn’t. It kept falling. £500 loss, £800 loss, £1000 loss.

At this point I am shut away in my bedroom hoping my girlfriend didn’t come up and ask how things were going. I didn’t feel confident that I could pretend well enough that I was fine. I was sweating profusely. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t lose £1000 today. That’s insane.

I felt immense guilt. I thought of my kids. I was angry at myself. I thought to myself “what the hell are you doing? You idiot!”.

I was terrified of losing all that money on one stupid trade that I should never have gotten into.

But I couldn’t close the trade. My brain constantly feeding my this idea that the moment I close I not only have to hand over £1000 of real money, but that the price would probably go back up again the second after I did it. If I could just wait a little longer it will eventually go back up.

By the time I was £1800 down, anger finally took over. I wanted to terror to stop.

So I closed the trade. I lost £1827 that day. It took me 4 hours to lose it.

I stopped trading for 3 months. I couldn’t bear the sight of another chart.

But I found myself looking over charts again. When the horror cleared I started to feel a passion for trading again. Only this time, I would learn how to do it properly.

I studied legendary traders who had made great returns. I found common patterns in the way they all traded. I found a coach. I found traders who were making money and I befriended them, gleaning info from them all the time on how they were turning a profit on the markets.

I went back to trading my own money. Learning from every mistake I made. Since that £1827 loss I have never lost more than I was comfortable losing on a trade. Never.

In fact, I focused so hard on fixing my trading mistakes that I soon ran out of mistakes to make.

I learned concepts that none of the trading gurus and coaches ever seemed to talk about. Crucial rules that I needed to have in my trading strategy that made the difference between whether I made money or not. Mindset shifts about how to look at the markets and how to look at trading systems.

But the most important thing I learned was how to make the right decision in the moment.


You see, most of use lose because we are constantly making the wrong decisions. Getting out of a trade the moment before it goes on a run. Opting out of a trade that takes off the following week. Holding onto losing trades too long, or opening trades that I should never have given the time of day in the first place. I had been making all these mistakes and many more, each costing more of my capital every time I made them.

That is, until 2012, when I finished the year up 6.8%. Not a fantastic result. However, not only was it my first profitable year, but I was buoyed by the fact that I should have made over 40%. A small error in judgement costing me 34% in returns in the last month of the year. A painful kick, but to me it was a positive. I was starting to run out of mistakes to make. Each time I fixed an error, I saw results.

By 2013 everything fell into place. My strategy made me 34.8% in returns. I beat the market! Further success followed with a 35% year in 2014 and 47% in 2015 before making just under 120% in 2016.

I had worked it out. I had learned to do what 79% of people couldn’t do. I had become one of the 21% of traders who actually made money.

Since 2012 I have been re-investing my profits for compounded growth. The way I was taught to trade was to never siphon anything out. Money makes money. The quickest route to growth.

Today I work for myself. From home. I make enough passive income to be deemed as financially free. In other words, I don’t need to work a day job anymore.

I have a skill for life and a balance that will continue to grow for the next 50 years as I continue trade and invest.

During this journey I blogged about every trade I made. In 2012 the blog had approximately 10 readers a day. By 2016 it received 200 hits a day.

I would receive (at times) up to 20 emails a day from inquisitive traders wanting to know my “secret” or understand what “indicators I was using”. However the results I was getting had nothing to do with “secrets” or “indicators”. It was my overall strategy. My risk management, my stop loss positioning, how I picked my stocks, my mindset and my psychology. All mixed into my overall strategy.

I spent many occasions trying to explain these concepts over email, however it became incredibly frustrating for all parties involved when traders would take only bits and pieces of my strategy, apply them and then complain when they didn’t see instant results. Of course, they needed to know the entire strategy to make it work.

So I created a course. Initially for DVD but soon after it became an online course. Today the Level 1 has seen over +1500 people enrol, and has produced countless testimonials from traders who have turned their own trading results around using my simple CLEAN trading strategy.

The Level 1 however is simply an introduction to the way I trade and what makes it different to the traditional trading methods used by the 79% who lose.

This Level 2 course is much much more.



The Level 2 will teach you:-

  • How to never lose big money ever again, ever.
  • How to benefit from the huge profitable price movements that happen every year across various stock market sectors
  • How to know precisely which stocks, fx pairs, commodities and etfs to buy that fit the strict entry criteria for successful trading.
  • A step by step road map to profitable trading which you and your family can follow for the next 50 years or more.
  • How to feel confident about your strategy and system
  • What you need to do in your trading that 79% of traders won’t or can’t do.
  • Dramatically improve your trading results within the first year
  • How to stay accountable and disciplined in your trading
  • A clear and simple approach that is so simple to understand that anyone could do it.

Unlike any course I have ever produced before, the Level 2 Mechanical Systematic Trading Home Study Course comes with a full 160pg softback A4 workbook that will be shipped to you via the mail.

This is my first ever printed manual containing my syllabus on how to implement my unique approach to trading the markets. An approach that has worked for over 1500 other traders.

As well as the 160 page workbook, the course also includes

  • Online video support library to help students understand the various key modules from the workbook.
  • Lifetime email support from myself
  • Optional Level 2 end of course Exam paper
  • Level 2 in Mechanical Systematic Trading Certificate upon passing the exam


Here’s a selection of our lovely students who have taken the time out of their day to send me their feedback on the course.

Turned £8k into £21k in 16 months!

Hi Chris, yes of course I will happily write some feedback for the course. I never did your Level 2 course in the end. I didn’t need to. After completing your Level 1 I went out and applied everything you teach and turned my £8k account into £21k over 16 months. How’s that for a testimonial! 🙂

Stephane Hubert


Hello Chris. I bought your course about a week ago. Absolutely ridiculous how great it is! At the beginning I was skeptical I must admit. But later, around entry/exit vid I was like “WOW!” and then all course became my best investment so far. Just wanted to say thank you very much. 🙂

Mariusz Grysik


I completed your day trading course over the weekend which I must say was excellent!

Matt Thompson

Thank You Chris

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort in helping me out.

Dean Swinton


Hi Chris

I have just finished your beginner course and it was brilliant i have also done other courses by another guru which was no where near as good, yours was a lot easier to follow the videos are brilliant keep up the good work 🙂

I love the course it was really easy to follow I will opening an IG next week and placing my first ever trade.



Sam Parker

No BS!

I came across your site a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed by your no BS approach to trading – so much so, I bought both your courses! I’ve recently given up work, it was a good job but the lifestyle was dreadful, long hours, nights away from home, corporate BS, etc, etc. Courses are great so far. Thank you.

David Carswell


Hi Chris,

I’ve just complete the above course and found it truly enlightening.


Ian Eppel

Ian Eppel

Just starting out

Hi Chris,

I’ve just completed the beginners course and am now going to start putting the strategies to use.

Thank you!

Andrew Barrett

Already made half the cost of the course back in one trade!

Hi Chris,

I have really enjoyed this course and it definitely looks more suited to my timescales during the working day, so thanks for that.

I have had my first trade today – and as luck will have it the DAX has really taken off! Nice to get a winner under the belt immediately – trade still running but should pay for at least half the course, or more,  in one trade!!!  Once I have more confidence in it then I will up the stakes.

Many thanks


Steve Roberts

Well done Chris!

Hi Chris ,

Just like to say well done with the course



Paul Varela

Really enjoyed it!

Hi Chris

I’ve just finished your trading course and wanted to say how much I’ve really enjoyed it. It was compelling viewing from the start, and as a relative newcomer, I really appreciate all the attention to detail you’ve included, which helps so much. I think I’ve watched and listened to the entire course almost 3 times now, and think I’m now ready to get stuck in and hopefully make a real success of it.

Andy Stratton

Recommended without reservation!

I was dabbling in trading for about 8 months, and then discovered Chris’s 4 beginners course, and bought it in mid April 2015.

I can honestly say it’s been a fantastic investment, as the course is actually for someone like me, who was a beginner in the sense that I’d never been taught how to trade the correct way from a standing start position.

Most courses assume you have a fair amount of knowledge about trading, and all the terminology that goes along with it, but this course starts at the beginning, explaining the entire strategy, right through to entry and exit strategies, money management and how to actually identify stocks to trade, and watching trades being executed live, which I found particularly useful.

I have started to build up a small, but profitable portfolio using the methods recommended in the course, and as the profits increase, so does my confidence, as I continue to open new positions and increase the level of investment as I do so.

If I’ve ever been stuck or unsure about anything within the course or trading in general, I have emailed Chris, and he always gets back to me quickly with the help I need.

Chris is a really down to earth guy, who doesn’t try and promise to make you a millionaire in 2 weeks, he just gives sensible, sound advice on how to grow your spread betting business in a methodical way, just as he has done.

I would recommend this course without reservation, whether you’re a complete novice, or maybe just in need of some refresher training. It will undoubtedly help you.

Andy Kimble

I love the simplicity!

Hi Chris,

Have been a member for a while and have been working my way through your great courses!

I’m a relative newbie how have tried various trading systems but I do like the simplicity and mechanical nature of your trading systems. I’ve already made the cost of the course back in profits.

Keep up the great work you are doing, it’s very much appreciated.


Phil Floyd

Show me the money!

Hi Chris

Just finished the 4 Hour course – ( great by the way ) Am looking to join your monthly membership.

Kind Regards

Robert Heginbotham

Excellent stuff!

Hi Chris,

The course was excellent, was clear and to the point which I thought was much better then something that’s long and drawn out just for the sake of it!

Just wanted to let you know it is great to be able to chat with you via email and you are not just some faceless entity hiding behind the website.

Good job 🙂

Mathew Taylor

Up +£200 already!


I have recently completed your EOD trading course and have placed few trades over the last few days, so far I up £200 which is great for just a couple of days trading. Great course!

David Barley

This guy is the real deal!

Hi Chris,

I actually went for your Spreadbetting course.  I thought the course content was very good and the methodology sound.  With hindsight, I wish I had gone for the Beginners trading course. I was put off slightly, by the “Beginners” title as I am definitely not a beginner.

The Beginners course was far better suited to me in the end. It taught me a whole approach to trading I never even knew about. Who know you could make money without needing to try and predict markets!

This guy is the real deal. Down to earth and gets back to you if you email him.

Steve Hollingsworth


I have purchased and completed the course, and in fact gone through it a number of times, and I can thoroughly recommend it. It is also a great resource to be able to refer to.

Peter Symons

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! I wasted so much time and money before coming across your course.

Tony Reeve

Thank you for shining a light!

Gotta say, i’m impressed. The beginners course was down to earth, easy to understand, practical and effective. Thank you for shining a light! I’ll use what i’ve learned for a couple of months, then see if there’s any space available in the Inner Circle.

Jeff Littlewood

Thank you Chris!

Hi chris, I just finished your beginner course and just wanted to say thank you.

Jordan Poa


Chris, you are an inspiration and slowly changing my life through your advice and courses. Top guy. Top advice.

Andrew Pearson

A Revelation!

Hi Chris, Just done module 7 of the beginners trader course, what a brilliant section. I am a trader now on the stockmarket and doing quite well, but you have been a revelation.

I read Mark Minervini and followed his advice of waiting for the trend to start but I have also been struggling with the concept of prediction by reading the balance sheets etc etc. Now I feel released from all that stuff and I can truly just follow the trend. Sincerely, thank you, my trading life will be much easier from now on.

I have been dabbling with spreadbetting for about a year without much real success but I already feel a lot wiser and will not re-enter the fray until I have finished the course. But I can’t wait to get back in.

You’ve produced a really good course, thanks.

Kindest regards,


Charles Ford

Tremendous Value for Money

I have watched the whole of the End of Day Beginners Course and about half of the other courses. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy them immensely. They are packed with so much insight, knowledge and trading wisdom that I think any level of trader would take something valuable away if they saw them. They are also tremendous value for money.

Steven Lloyd

A short cut to avoiding many expensive mistakes…

The course is like taking a short-cut through hours of book reading and hours of practical trading, but avoiding the many expensive mistakes that starting off on one’s own steam would entail.

I liked very much Chris’s style and ease of understanding and logical framework. His insistence on responsible trading and risk management are vital, and the course is worth alone the cost on getting these lessons absorbed. My only criticism is Chris’s overly ‘waffly’ style and I think that he could either reduce each module in time. Having said that, the course is like having Chris – an experienced trader who actually trades – as your personal mentor! It is very reassuring to know that Chris has already been where you are currently, and that he has the best interests of his students at heart, and is always ready to help his students in various ways.

Clive Potter

Best money ive spent in a long time

Great course, best money ive spent in a real long time. I learn’t so much. A great investment. You have made everything so easy to understand.

David Graham



I've learned that knowing other people have done the courses, loved them and made good returns using my approach is crucial to you having the confidence to enrol on my course. And because I know sometimes people do not believe the above testimonials are real I thought i'd provide an extra level of transparency for you.



My name is Chris Chillingworth. I was a complete novice to trading in 2010 before I began my journey of trading the stockmarket. I started up a blog called Spreadbet Beginner in 2011 and began to blog about everything I was learning and even posting my trading results (a rare thing these days). My results began to attract more and more people to the blog and eventually things began to take off. By 2013 the blog had become so busy that I was struggling to provide enough content and answer the emails I was getting from beginners wanting advice and help from me. I eventually quit my day job in 2014 and committed myself to this website, and set about creating this course. An entry level step into profitable trading, teaching hundreds of people exactly how I have been making consistent profits every year.

spreadbet magazine
An article I was featured in for Spreadbet Magazine.

In 2013 I was featured in Spreadbet Magazine writing a regular column for a while before recently writing for trading and Spreadbetting website  www.bullbearings.com

In my spare time I am the Chairman and Founder of a Not-For-Profit Community Co-Operative American Football club called the Hastings Conquerors, my second love. In 2 years we have built our club from scratch to now providing American Football services to ages 8-55 around the South East. An achievement I am particularly proud of.

I am 37, I live in Kent, England, right by the coast, I trade from a remote self built rustic wood cabin that I built with my own bare hands and I have several kids who I adore. I have spent most of my adult life coaching and teaching numerous different subjects and skills for a living and so moving from coaching sport, to coaching how to trade has been a relatively natural progression for me.

My results that I have achieved for others speak for themselves and I have yet to meet someone that I haven't been able to teach my strategy to.

So, if you are interested in beginning your Trading journey with me, or if you have tried and failed and want some guidance on how to get on the right track, click on this button below and lets get started. You'll get instant access to the course material and you can literally begin your learning in minutes after enrolment. What have you got to lose?


Here's a brief sample/clip video of one of the online support units covered in the online library that accompany the workbook.


Now I price everything I do using a simple 10x rule.

If my product or service helps the end user make an extra £1000 in value, I charge £100. This way I get paid for my time and effort in putting it all together and sharing my expertise, and the client/student gets 10x the return.

If it makes you £3000, I’ll charge £300.

Now I’ve had clients with £20,000 trading accounts who have made £6000 profit in the first year with the strategies I’ve taught in this workbook. And this workbook is a one of a kind. There is nothing else out there like this. Show me a text book with a full complete syllabus on mechanical systematic trading.

You can’t, because this is the only one that exists. No one else is crazy enougb to put this much love into something this big. Trust me, you’ll love it when you get your hands on it.

So it’s absolutely worth £600. Heck, many university courses and home study courses can fetch around £1000 plus. And these don’t even help you make money like this one. This course will pay for itself.

But, I also don’t want to price people out. Not everyone has a £20,000 trading account. Some don’t even have £10,000 to commit to the markets.

So I got to thinking, if someone out there bought this course with a £1000 trading account, used it to make 30% a year, they’d make £300. They’d then use that £1300 to make more. And they’d continue to do so for the next say 30 years, probably many more. They may pass the skill onto their kids for the benefit to pass onto generations. Who knows.

So £300 sounds fair to me.

But because it’s the way of things these days I’ll knock it down so that the price ends with a 7. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

So there we are. You can get your hands on my Level 2 workbook and the accompanying benefits for the amazingly low cost of £297. That’s all in. The book sent in the post, the lifetime support, the online video library and the exam and certificate to put up on your wall once you’ve finished the course.

Just £297 for all that.

Are you in?


Well, hold on a minute because there’s one pretty large snag.

I only have 10 copies of it. 10 workbooks printed.

I will get more done eventually, but right now, there are only 10 copies available. So this is literally a first come first served process.

If you enrol and you’re one of the 10, congratulations, I have even taken the liberty of signing the inside of the first 10 copies to say thank you. A signed First Edition. The workbook will reach you in a matter of 2-3 days.

As soon as the first 10 are sold, that’s it. The button to purchase will be removed until we have more copies available for print.

And it is so easy to sign up and enrol to get your copy.

Just click on the ADD TO CART link here and complete the payment details. Once the payment has gone through you will receive an email confirming the enrolment and providing you with links to all the extra goodies, as well as contact details for me.

Within 2-3 working days you will have received your workbook.

Good luck and see you inside.