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Listen, if you’re getting your stock picks from free websites, you’ll get poor results. Fact.

79% of people lose in this game. So to be in the 21% you’ve got to learn to do what the 79% CAN’T or WON’T do.

Let me ask you a question.

Does doing what 79% of people can’t or won’t do sound easy? Does it sound appealing?

No. Of course not. To reach the 21% you have to be doing something DIFFERENT. You have to work harder and do more.

Reading Bloomberg, the FT, or any other free stock analyst site will not cut it. Everyone’s doing that, and they’re losing.

Those emails you get in your inbox telling you which stocks to buy. Worthless.

I know, I subscribe to them too. But not for the same reasons.

You see, I wanted to see how many of them were of any use. How many of them gave good advice. I’ve now worked with over 1500 traders of varying experience levels, and what I kept hearing was “I’ve been following INSERT TRADING GURUS NAME HERE for years now and i’m still getting nowhere”.

Most of us subscribe to several of these stock picking feeds. Most of us take no action on them anyway, and those of us that do use them only do so because we have no other solution. No other way of picking through the thousands of stocks that make up the market. When you have signals on both Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser, how on earth do you pick between them?

I read these scammy emails we all get sent every day. I look at the companies they recommend, and then I do my own analysis. I look at the fundamentals. I break down the company and look for flaws and problems.

Mostly, the picks are downright awful.

One I received in Oct 2018 from one of the most well respected stock picking websites in the UK suggested traders buy “as many shares as they could” in a company called QUIZ plc. They made a thin case for it before explaining that at £1.40 a share, it was sure to skyrocket over the next few months.

Fast forward to Dec 2018 and the price is down to £0.26p a share. A catastrophic failure for anyone who bought on their recommendation.

Yet if you’d done the ‘hard work’ of learning how to read and analyse the numbers, and then spent the hours crunching the numbers yourself so that you could apply that analysis, you’d have seen that QUIZ were a company you’d be wise to stay away from. The numbers were clear and quite obvious for anyone willing to look.

But most investors/traders won’t do that work. Most don’t even look at the financial reports. They see profit going up and they think “great”, all looks good. But digging deeper into those numbers you’ll often find large ‘one off’ sales of assets that have nothing to do with the everyday running of the business. Sales that have to be included in the accounts by law, but which often mislead investors into thinking results are better than they actually are. Sure, they made the profit, but I prefer to judge a company based on their ‘recurring revenue’ for instance, not from one off random sales of assets.

It’s in the digging deeper that you find the real truth about what’s going on.

And it’s in the digging deeper that you find the great companies too. The best of the crop.

The companies that are doing everything right and look solid.

Most companies that fail or have problems display warning signs long before the brown stuff hits the fan.

But if you’re not looking, you won’t see it coming.

Mothercare, Debenhams, Game, HMV, Thomas Cook, Vodaphone…… All with struggling share prices, yet it might surprise you to know that we’d have known to avoid these companies and many more that have failed, back before 2008!!!

The only people on the wrong side of these companies are people who are romantic about the businesses they invest in, or people who just don’t know any better. Because if you’d have looked, you’ve have known to stay away a long time ago.

But most traders won’t put in this work. They trade blind. This information is out there to get. You can learn how to analyse these companies, you can learn how to identify the right ones and the ones to leave alone. But most won’t.

Truth is you as a trader either don’t have the time, don’t understand the value of the process, or you don’t want to put in the work.

Now that’s fair enough if you don’t want to spend months learning how to do it. It’s also fair enough if you don’t want to spend 2-3 hours per company analysing them.

I’m not going to judge you. It takes a strange person who enjoy’s trawling through hours and hours of financial statements and does it for fun. (That’s me by the way, I absolutely love it, i’m mad I know).

But don’t moan and complain when you’re not even beating a simple FTSE 100 buy and hold method which could bring you in 6% a year. I mean, if your trading system is not even getting that? Why are you bothering? Just buy and hold the FTSE instead, surely?

And look, it’s not even as simple as just knowing what stocks to buy and which ones to avoid. You also need to know WHEN to get in. Just because a company looks great doesn’t mean the price is right at the moment.

Here’s the thing.

I’ve learned what to look for. I know how to identify the companies that are setup to do well, and which ones you should be avoiding. What’s more, I keep track of this as it’s ever evolving. Some companies who look great can post an annual report and suddenly no longer look favourable. Others can look poor for a while and then turn it all around. Some have looked amazing for over 10 years, others have never looked like a good trade.

I find this out and I share this information with only a select few people.


Right now, it’s a group of 40 people. These are the only people in the world who get this information delivered right to their inbox. Almost daily updates. New companies being added to the list, others being taken off when warning signs appear.

A watchlist of companies with strict entry and exit rules.

I find the stocks for you, I tell you which ones to buy, which ones to sell and which ones to simply avoid altogether, and I show you when you can get in and out.

Take [HLMA] Halma for example. A company in my watchlist. They have qualified for a place in the watchlist since early 2012 based on my analysis. Back when you could have picked them up at £3.50 a share. Today? They are flying high at over £18.00 a share and they still firmly remain a company on my watchlist.

HLMA have risen from £3.50 to £18.00 a share since qualifying for a spot on my exclusive watchlist.

Now, you’ll have to pull the trigger of course. This isn’t a hudge fund. I’m not managing your money for you. But it’s not a million miles away either.

These few exclusive members also get access to a number of other huge benefits. Benefits few other trading groups deliver.

  • 121 monthly bespoke tailored coaching call with me to discuss your development as a trader and to build a plan of action for your trading.
  • Weekly exclusive group coaching call with up to 35 other attendees including myself.
  • Weekly VIP video where we analyse select stocks together so you can understand at a deeper level WHY they make or do not make the watchlist.
  • Access to my highly sought after exclusive weekly watchlist update email breaking down every stock on the watchlist, every stock off it and even those we can short.
  • Access to my 30 step trading mastery course (worth £297)
  • Access to my Cognitive Biases Trading Psychology course (worth £597)
  • Access to my Trading Legends Book Club (worth £297)
  • Access to my Trading Journal training (£297)
  • Access to several other exclusive bonus trainings
  • In person meetups once per year

The list of rewards and benefits of involvement is high value. No fluff either. No filler. Only important lessons and courses that each improve the various aspects of your trading.

Or, simply buy the stocks I put in the watchlist each week, and just copy. Entirely up to you.

I have 40 people on this right now. I don’t take more on that regularly and after this I’ll be closing the doors to this. I may re-open sometime in the future. I may not. I genuinely don’t know.

This isn’t scammy, false scarcity. I understand you haven’t got any time for that stuff. This is simply a risk of over-subscription. If I take on too many, I cannot provide the quality of service I want to deliver. I become stretched too thin, especially on the coaching calls.

So I’m looking to bring the group up to 50 maximum. That’s 15 more seats available.

Yes, of course there is a cost to being part of this. Way I see it, if you have a £20,000 account and you make 30% return a year using my exclusive information, that’s £6k profit a year.

So I could easily charge £500 a month for this and it still be a win/win.

I could charge £250/m and it would be a steal.

But I don’t. I charge a simple £97/m for this access.

I do this to make it that little more accessible.

You get a fantastic return on investment in exchange for exclusive data and stock picks no-one else is getting. I get paid for the hours and hours I put in every day.

Is 30% achievable?

Absolutely. In fact, since 2008 the watchlist constituents have combined produced a 337.4% return over 11 years. Compared to the FTSE 100’s 13.8% over the exact same period.

The CLEAN Trader

If you simply bought the companies in the watchlist in 2008 and held, you’d have made 30.67% annualised over the last 11 years.

You can leave at any time, although most stay. In fact, I still have early adopter clients in the INNER CIRCLE who have been with me for years now and are price frozen into this at £57/m. That’s their reward for taking a risk with me. They get access to this stuff for peanuts today and they always will.

And yes, if YOU get in today, you’ll get frozen in at £97/m. Even when the price rises in the future, which I GUARANTEE it will.

Heard enough and want to be one of the INNER CIRCLE 50?

Those of you who are serious about turning their results around, those of you who would like to work with me 121 and have me as their trading coach/advisor/consultant/whatever…..

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Chris Chillingworth