I’m looking for Investing Students

 I’m looking for five people I can work with over the next ten years to help them invest in stocks correctly and responsibly, while also helping them to grow immense levels of wealth.

Now, let me very clear. I’m NOT doing this out of the kindness of my heart (although there is somewhat of an altruistic agenda here as well). 

I want to start building a record of students who have followed my lead and have achieved success. This will be something I can use in the future to show other people that what I do adds significant value, and if followed, will lead to successful stock investment results over time.

Now obviously with the nature of this approach, the results take time. Many of my positions are carried out using a ten-year mindset.

I’ll train you online, through a series of videos, which you can do at your leisure. We’ll build a realistic, achievable financial plan for you so that you know what you’re aiming for and how long it’ll take to get there. I’ll provide ongoing weekly advice on which stocks to buy and why so that you have the confidence to support the investments you make.

We’ll analyse your results every quarter. Sitting down and looking at each investment together.

In exchange, I’ll need a few things from you:-

  • You need to have at least £100 a month disposable income to invest in the stocks you’ll own. This is the absolute minimum; more is ideal, of course. This strictly needs to be capital you don’t need for the next ten years.
  • You’ll need to subscribe to my Gold Membership service at £57/month. I’ll be throwing in the training and the quarterly reports within that price. It’ll be locked in, so it’ll never go up for you.
  • I want people who can stick to the program for the next ten years—giving the process the best opportunity to prove its real value to you. Of course, you can quit at any time, no minimum payments or anything sleazy like that. But, don’t apply if the idea of 10 years commitment sounds too much for you. This is a mindset thing. Having the right expectations for how long this will take is crucial to your success.
  • I’ll need your permission to use your overall results (no detail on actual stocks held will be shared) in my future marketing so that I can show people how you are getting on.
  • I’ll need you to be cool with submitting a photo. Your picture/profile will go up on my website for all to see your ongoing results which will be updated once a month.
  • You agree to an interview with me once a year to discuss how things are going and what you’re struggling with/enjoying etc.
  • You agree to some light homework (mainly reading) which will help you understand the companies you are invested in and raise your confidence in what you are doing.
  • You will retain full control of your capital and will be personally making your own investments via your broker. I do NOT manage your money. You will be taught how to do this yourself if needed.

This is a once in a lifetime deal. I won’t be doing this again, and I only want five people. Five will ensure I’m not overrun and allow me to give them the best possible care and support along the way.

We will build a bespoke plan that will be 100% achievable for you. You’ll just have to follow the rules for the next ten years. We may even surpass your expectations by the end.

Now is a great time to invest. The market is very likely to recover over the next ten years, and certain stock prices will be far higher than they are today, providing you invest in the right stocks. I can ensure you do that. You’ll be investing in solid companies that are very financially profitable and have some kind of edge on their competition. Companies with the lowest odds of failing, and the highest odds of rising over the next decade. There may be overall market crashes or corrections along the way. You’ll learn to love them, as they’ll allow you to buy more shares in your favourite companies.

I will not be doing this again.

Last night the Mrs and I went to a brand new Turkish restaurant where we spent over £50 easily. It’ll cost you a meal out each month, but for £57 plus your actual investments you can beat the rate of inflation, cover your costs and build yourself a very tidy sum using compounded growth by 2030.

If the above sounds like something you would like to get involved in, you can apply for a seat by emailing me at chris@thecleantrader.com using the title “I wish to apply” and explain why you feel you’ll be a good fit for this team.

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours of your email to inform you if you have been successful and providing a link for you to join the group formally.

Any questions? You can also email them to the same address.

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