I love this life changing approach to investing

“Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!”.

This was a phrase I heard years ago that I’d go so far as saying was life changing for me.

I used to be that guy on Facebook posting about how I’m going to go back to the gym again. Or the guy publicly announcing his intentions to change something in his life.

Until one day, someone said to me “Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!”.

Truth is, people don’t want to hear about all the things you say you’re going to do or could do. Instead, it’s far more powerful to just show them.

Actions speak louder than words.

Lead by example.

These aren’t new phrases or ideas. Yet it’s surprising how many people out there are telling everyone what they’re going to do, instead of just….doing it.

For example, I’m not telling you how great my stock analysis work is. Instead, I’m showing screenprints of my member’s actual results and letting you decide for yourself if you want a piece of it.

I’m not telling you how excited I am about my membership program. Instead, I’m posting screenshots of all the wonderful positive feedback I am getting from my members. Allowing you to be the judge.

I’m not telling you I’m a breath of fresh air in the industry. Instead, I’m being 100% transparent in what I do and I am sending members my actual personal portfolio each month. You probably don’t need me to tell you that you won’t get that anywhere else.

I’m not telling you that I value integrity and have nothing to hide. Instead, I have a Discord channel for my members to have unrestricted access to talk to one another. If my members were getting poor results I would never let them speak to each other.

This way you already know what I do is awesome. You already know that I’m helping make my members a truckload of money. I don’t even have to try and convince you. It’s a fact.

And that’s so much more powerful.

So next time you feel compelled to tell someone what you’re going to do. Show them, don’t tell them.


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