Fantasy Stock Picker – Round 2 Update

Fantasy Stock Picker
Andy tops the table this week with his pick of [BYND] Beyond Meat.

OK ok ok. I finally got around to posting a Week 2 update to the Fantasy Stock Picker – Round 2.

People have been bashing down my door demanding an update! (Literally 1x guy mentioned it yesterday….in passing)

I wrote it up yesterday hence the data is a day old. Everything may have changed this morning. But goddamnit i’m not doing it again. 🙂

This new guy Andy Younan is taking the mick though right? His pick of [BYND] Beyond Meat Inc has gone nuts and he’s up +63%. Well, he was yesterday.

Alan Snelson and Dave Pierce are gunning it out for 2nd and 3rd spots with their picks of [ZM] Zoom and [TSLA] Tesla. Seems the IPO’s are working out for ya boys. And [TSLA] was a great pick just at the right time I think.

Volker Ogel is pushing for a top 3 spot but has a ways to go with his pick of [CHMA] Chiasma Inc.

Bob Lamb, Alan Campbell, Dale Sugg, Carl Selway and Mark Pritchard make up the rest of the Top 10.

Alan Campbell and Harry Smart were the biggest Top 10 fallers. Alan falling down to 7th and Harry dropping out of the Top 10. But it’s pretty close in the midfield.

At the shame end of the table, Justin Mahat took a risk on [TCG] Thomas Cook and it’s paid off about as well as investing in a chocolate teapot so far. It’s good for joke, but after that it’s all over. 🙂 (brutal)

Steve Roberts needs to get in touch with me about his pick as I have looked for a quote on QQQQ on Trading View and I’ll be stuffed if i can find the right market. Steve, let me know and i’ll fix the numbers. Until then you’re stuck down the bottom of le table.

It’s still all to play for, and we’ll all have to hope that someone chokes to death on a vegan burger or something to bring Andy Younan back down the table as he’s storming ahead right now.

p.s. I hope he’s not vegan as 1st prize this month is 50lbs of juicy Ribeye Steak.

Strictly for fun only. If you want to get involved in the CLEAN Fantasy Stock Picker monthly competitions head on over to our Facebook Group and join us.

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