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INNER CIRCLE Mentorship Program

Monthly subscription to the CLEAN Trading Watchlist providing a monthly report on companies that meet the CLEAN Trading criteria for great long or short opportunities.

  • Product Price: £97.00/month
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3 Comments on “Checkout”

  1. Hi Chris, Interested in the Clean Watchlist. Plus I have just read your book. Absolutely spot on and should be on every school listing for teenagers pre leaving school. Ever thought of having it translated to Dutch/German/French?


  2. I tried to subscribe by master card but I don’t use my mobile ‘phone accept when I travel, as I get no signal where I live on the island. Hence could not fill the required number. I tried entering my home number 01688 400380 but it wasn’t accepted. Hence I think I have not signed up or paid my sub.
    Martin E

  3. Hi Chris

    I watched “Up 22% for 2019 – End of Day Trading/Investing – October 2019 Update •Oct 31, 2019” on Tube with huge interest. No. 23 in particular fascinates me – up 465% between Jun 2017-Jun 2019.
    Would you please be willing to ID it for me? I think I could follow that with interest.

    Regards Pat F.

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