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CLEAN Watchlist

Monthly subscription package for our exclusive 2x stocks per month stock selection service.

  • Product Price: £20.00/month
  • Total Price:

10 Comments on “Checkout”

  1. Hi Chris, Interested in the Clean Watchlist. Plus I have just read your book. Absolutely spot on and should be on every school listing for teenagers pre leaving school. Ever thought of having it translated to Dutch/German/French?


  2. I tried to subscribe by master card but I don’t use my mobile ‘phone accept when I travel, as I get no signal where I live on the island. Hence could not fill the required number. I tried entering my home number 01688 400380 but it wasn’t accepted. Hence I think I have not signed up or paid my sub.
    Martin E

  3. Hi Chris

    I watched “Up 22% for 2019 – End of Day Trading/Investing – October 2019 Update •Oct 31, 2019” on Tube with huge interest. No. 23 in particular fascinates me – up 465% between Jun 2017-Jun 2019.
    Would you please be willing to ID it for me? I think I could follow that with interest.

    Regards Pat F.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I subscribed to the CLEAN Watchlist about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything back from you so far. Can you please advise.


    1. Hey Albano.

      Please accept my apologies. I don’t know how you slipped the net, but I have just sent you the most recent report which you had missed out on. You should have that now. Please check your spam folder if there’s nothing in your inbox as my reports can sometimes find their way into there incorrectly. You are now on the list and will get sent all forthcoming reports.

      Warm Regards


  5. Hi Chris,

    I’m considering purchasing your 2 monthly stock picks. The issue is, I only have £3k – £5k to invest, is this enough to get started?. I’ve been very impressed by your average yearly returns, I understand that it’s not guaranteed and things may change, but I actually live next door to a financial adviser and they considered a good yearly return 8%, so when your promotional video said an average of 22% I was amazed that someone could knock it out the park in their investments.

    One query I have is what broker you recommend to execute investments in the UK? and also what allocation is recommended for each pick as time goes on? (and I get more of your stock selections)

    I understand that this is a long term thing and I’m not expecting to put a deposit on a Ferrari soon but want to achieve the best returns for my money over the long term.

    If you’d get back to me I’d appreciate it.

    Kind Regards,

    Max Pell

    1. Hey Max

      £3-5k is plenty to get started. My first stocks were £800 worth of Sage plc stocks which I still have today years later. I personally use Hargreaves Lansdown as my broker. Easy to setup a tax-free stocks and shares ISA, which means you keep all profits on the first £20k you invest each year. As for allocation on each pick, that’s really your call. It’ll depend on which stocks you like from those I suggest, and whether they are trading at reasonable prices at the time. All factors I include in my reports.

      Essentially, I do all this analysis for myself. But by sharing it, it means you save a ton of time, benefit from my experience and expertise and I also get paid for the effort of writing it up and presenting it in a superb report for you every fortnight.

      However, I would suggest not buying anything for any less than £250-£500 minimum due to commission fees. If you were to buy say £100 of a stock and pay £10 transaction fee, your down 10% from the off. When you’re buying £500 at a time or more its not so painful.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thanks for your reply, I have also looked at them as they seem to be a good broker. I will consider what you say but presumably if I take the lower end of my investment budget of £3000 investing £500 would mean I would only be able to use your service for 3 months, I could reduce it or add the extra 2k. My plan would be to get your stock selections invest and then hopefully reinvest in other stocks through the dividends created when I reach my investment budget. But does your report inform me of any retractions of investment selections, for example say you pick a stock that you see less favourable in the next 6 months would you update your stock pick clients? I know this is unlikely when you pick good businesses but sometimes unexpected events can occur.

        Kind Regards,

        Max Pell

        1. Heya. Yes, a dedicated announcement report goes out if the time comes to leave behind a stock that was previously on the watchlist. I notify members that the stock is being removed and why, and it remains up to the members whether they want to hold or follow suit and re-invest their capital into more favourable opportunities.

          A great financial plan is to try and add more to your investments as you go. Its not always very easy for people to do if they are not accustomed to it, but I take 12% of my income and invest it every month. I then live off the rest. This means i’m always adding to my positions throughout the year, taking advantage of good prices whenever they appear. The %can be any amount however, and if that % does not equate to the self-imposed minimum of £500 then I always recommend to build up that pot and invest everytime it reaches a critical mass of £500. This may mean investing every few months instead.

      2. To lower costs you can buy shares on HL through the regular savings, even if you don’t own a current stake in a company. This means you can buy in with say 100 a month and not get killed on fees. Thinking about joining as need some good picks.

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