The Chris Chillingworth Stockmarket Investment Club is not your normal investment club. As you are about to find out!

Having successfully handpicked a selection of stocks for himself which when combined returned 212.7% (at time of publishing) since 2014, Chris Chillingworth eventually caved at the requests of friends to begin sharing his stock analysis with them in 2017. Due to the success of that year, Chris expanded the group outside of his friend circle for the first time in late 2018, taking on his first wave of paying members.

The CC Stockmarket Investment Club is a community of likeminded stock investors, buying and selling from the same watchlist of companies, utilising Chris’s extensive and effective analysis of the UK (and soon to be US) stockmarket.

In exchange for their subscriptions, Chris and his small hand-picked team share hundreds of hours of analysis that most everyday investors simply couldn’t achieve on their own. The data is shared weekly by way of reports being sent to your inbox.

Chris predominantly analyses these companies for his own investments (of which he also shares with 100% transparency with his small group of members), but shares his results and findings with the group. The results achieved by these members has already been exciting, with many achieving over 20-30% in 2020, the year of the pandemic. These members have provided glowing testimonials and are active users of the members-only Discord discussion channel.

Chris’s analysis itself comes in 3 main stages which act as a filter to narrow down the search for a wonderful investment stock.

    • Stage 1 – Financial Qualification
    • Stage 2 – 10 Year Comprehensive Analysis of the Business
    • Stage 3 – Price Analysis

Chris explains it like this:-

Stage 1

“Essentially, the first thing I will do is analyse a companies financials. During which I am looking for a company to show a certain degree of strength, as well as meeting a number of criteria, patterns and trends. I look for certain behaviours, such as “what are they doing with their net profits each year?”, “what’s their attitude towards debt?” and “are they growing and improving?”.

“I score these companies using my unique algorithm and this completes my first stage and warrants a companies entry into my ‘WATCHLIST’.”

“However, of the 952 companies my team and I have analysed from the London Stock Exchange, only 53 have ever made the grade. This is a testament to the very high level of performance that is expected of any watchlist companies.”

Stage 2

“I will then carry out what I refer to as a Deep Dive analysis of these companies.”

“This process takes me between 8-10 hours per company. I spend much of that time reading through 10 years or more of annual reports, building a larger picture and understanding of the underlying business. “

“I am looking to understand what gives them their edge within their sector, to explain how they are achieving the financial dominance that got them through Stage 1. I also wish to understand the company culture, the strategy for growth and the nature of the business itself. I want to know how rare they are, how difficult it may be for another company to appear and compete for market share, and how much value they are likely to continue to offer over the next 10-20 years. “

“If after this process I am happy, I complete a Deep Dive report on the business and provide it to the members.”

Stage 3

“Of those companies that pass Stage 1, and Stage 2, my final step is to analyse the PRICE.”

“It’s all well and good finding a wonderful company with huge profits and a great future, but if their share price is currently heavily over-inflated, then they may make a bad investment right now. Knowing what prices are over-inflated against which prices are cheap is crucial to making a good investment. You don’t want to buy a company at £50 only to find out that their shares are really only worth £10 right now because chances are the market may eventually revert to mean when the bubble eventually bursts, leaving you owning a slice of a wonderful business, but having tragically bought them for 500% over the true market value.”

“As a result my Pricing Analysis is crucial for members who want to know what price ranges they should be looking to get into their favourite stocks. Whilst one stock may be a little pricey right now, you can be sure there’s a few in the watchlist that are currently showing as bargains right now. Better to invest your capital in those right now and wait for the right price opportunity for the others.”

A Growing Community of likeminded investors buying from the same stock list.

The CC Stockmarket Investment Club is now building a community of members and is currently expanding.

There is no minimum term for subscribing as a member. You can join this month and quit the next if it’s not right for you. We like to keep things very simple in that regard.

If you are making big returns, why share the analysis with others?

Honestly? We like making money. We’d be in the wrong game if we didn’t. Chris charges a very small monthly fee for membership to the club. It is a subscription. However, he is predominantly doing the analysis for himself and his own investing. He’d be doing it whether he had 3 members or 300. It’s only fair, however, that he be financially compensated for the hundreds of hours dedicated to identifying the stocks with the greatest opportunity for growth over the next 10-20 years. It’s a wonderfully scalable model that suit’s Chris down to the ground and makes him even more money, whilst providing a huge return on subscription fee for the members over the course of several years. As Chris says “it’s a win/win relationship, the way it should be”.

How can I join up?

Simple. Click the link below to head over to our membership page. There you can find out if Membership is currently open and if so, what options are available.