About Us

My name is Chris Chillingworth and since 2014 I have been analysing stocks for a small group of retail investors with significant success.

Most beginner investors buy stocks for all the wrong reasons. They buy their stocks based on how much they like the brand, how much they like the product/service, or sometimes purely on an assumption of the industry the company are in.

These are all bad reasons for investing in a company, and in my experience it ultimately leads to beginner investors losing money.

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When I analyse a company I am looking at 3 important factors

If I am going to invest in a company and buy their shares, I want to know how the company are performing. And the clues to that are in the numbers. Are they growing revenue year after year? Are they reducing expenses and raising profits? How much debt are they carrying and what’s the long term trend of that? What are they doing with those profits? Are they paying it all out in dividends to keep the shareholders happy in the short term? Or are they re-investing those profits back into the business to support their growth strategy? 

I also want to know what their plan is for the next 5-10 years. Are they releasing new products? Are they expanding and opening more premises? Are they trying to break into France or Germany? How is that going? What is the opportunity here for expansion and what reasons are there for the company’s share price to rise significantly over those next 10 years.

Finally, I want to know about the business culture. How do the staff feel about working there? Is staff retention good? What’s the long term trend of these things going back to say 2008? Do the business care about their staff and customers? The clues are in their actions. Do they offer their staff a profit share? What’s the customer feedback score and what’s the longer term trend of this. If it’s at 87%, great, but is it going down each year or up?

I do all this for you....

This takes me about 10 hours per company. I sift through 10 years of annual reports and study companies to identify which pass my very high threshold.

The vast majority of FTSE stocks do NOT pass the test. 

In fact, only 53 stocks currently pass the test.

Most investors, whether beginners or veterans, do not have the time to be running all this analysis. So, I do this for you.

I provide:-

Watchlist Report

A weekly report sent to your inbox every Saturday covering the performance of the 53 stocks and at which prices to buy them at. Also provides month by month performance breakdown.

Deep Dive Reports

An online database of 3-4 page comprehensive .pdf reports on each of the 53 companies detailing my financial, strategy and culture analysis.

My Portfolio Report

A monthly report sent to your inbox showing precisely what I have bought each month and how much. Join me as I turn £4,000 into £1,024,876 over 26 years.

Online Training

Over 4 hours of online members only videos walking you through how to open a broker account, how to buy your first stocks and how I do my analysis.

Members Chat

Meet all our other members and chat to them. Our members love to share their results with each other and debate which stocks to buy more of each month.


How Much Does Membership Cost?

Membership costs £57.00 a month. There’s no hidden fees. No minimum terms. Cancel anytime. Simple.


How Much Capital Do I Need to Invest?

That’s entirely up to you. But most members generally buy in ‘tranches’ of £500 or more. This is only because there is a transaction fee of about £10 with most stock brokers. So, every time you buy some shares, you pay £10. Therefore, if you were to buy £100 worth of shares you’d immediately be down 10%. Some members have enough disposable income to purchase £500 worth of shares every month. Some buy £500 worth every 3 months. It’s going to be largely driven by your personal situation. And no, you don’t need several thousands upfront to get started. You can start with £500.


Do I Have to Buy More Every Month?

Most members buy more shares every month like they buy their groceries. This monthly addition helps your portfolio value to grow faster. However, it’s not crucial. Some of our members prefer to pump in a lump sum once a year and then spend that over the course of the year. Some buy all at once and haven’t bought more for 1-2 years. I simply furnish you with the analysis, and you can use it to build your portfolio how you see fit.


I’m Worried About Making Mistakes!

As part of membership you have your own dedicated guide in me. I’m here to help. I can help members open their brokerage account online, deposit capital and purchase their first shares. It’s an incredibly simple process, as easy as buying a book on Amazon. But you can use me as much as you need to. Some members speak to me most weeks, others I haven’t heard from in over a year.

What about Stockmarket crashes?

These happen every now and again. We had a -30% drop in 2001 with the twin towers. We had a -30% drop in 2008 with the banking crisis and sub-prime mortgage crisis. We had -15% drop in 2018 and a -30% drop in 2020 with the global pandemic. My online training covers how to navigate crashes in far more detail, however, imagine you have bought a house for £250,000. Let’s imagine you have no intention of selling that house for at least 10 years. It’s not what you bought it for. It was a long term investment. Now, let’s imagine after 2 years you hear that the value of property has fallen dramatically. Perhaps -30%. Would you immediately sell it? I hope not. Why would you suddenly sell, 8 years early, at 30% the value you bought it for? That’s terrible investing. The same thinking should be applied to your stocks. “Just because you can get a quote on the value of your stocks every day, doesn’t mean your should.” – Warren Buffett 


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