A look back over the last 8 years

The CLEAN Trader
chris chillingworth
From 2012 in my bedroom to 2018 standing in Westminster, London in front of 1000 traders.

I can’t stand this picture. I look awful.

But I keep it around because it is a stark reminder for me of where I’ve come from and how far I’ve moved ahead in the last 8 years or so.

Back then, in 2012, I was in a marriage I shouldn’t have been in, overweight, in poor health, and I had very little financial wealth. I picked up a book on Spreadbetting and the spark was ignited. I genuinely felt a passion for the markets and I threw myself into it. I learned about mechanical systems very quickly, but still made all the same mistakes everyone else does.

I think thats what makes me different. Having been trading my own money for 8 years, I know exactly what it’s like. I can relate to the loneliness of the journey. I can relate to not having anyone to talk to about whether what your doing is the right thing. I can relate to the fear in our heads of wasting years doing the wrong thing and losing money. I can relate to opening trades we shouldn’t and opting out of trades we should.

Because I did all those things too.

We can’t possibly foresee where we are going to be in 8 years. Had someone told me that I’d have 2000 students, 4000 youtube followers, 3000 newsletter subscribers, 1500 facebook followers, an awesome and beautiful woman on my arm, my own self built log cabin, 150,000 podcast downloads, hundreds of copies my very own book currently selling on Amazon, standing in front of 1000 people at a seminar in Westminster, London, all the material “things” I want and that I would be making more money in a month than some people make in a year…..

…..I’d have genuinely said they were mental. I wouldn’t have been able to even picture it.

Back then I was working full time. I was nervous about recording a youtube video (I’ve now recorded and uploaded nearly 200) and I was only making a few hundred £’s from Spreadbetting US stocks on the financial markets.

And I guess what made the real difference was a burning desire to master this craft. I kept practising. Over and over again. Until I no longer made the mistakes I was making. I studied the systems and taught myself what to expect. So that I didn’t wobble when things went bad. I proved to myself that you can make money from the markets and that it wasn’t all some big scam.

In a way, I trained as a navy seal. I made sure that no matter the conditions, my strategy would make me money over time. I made sure that I witnessed the worst so that when I experienced the bad, I could handle it. I repeated the same actions over and over so that when the time came to execute, my actions were instinctual.

But I’ve also grown as a person.

  • I praise other peoples success rather than bitch and moan about them
  • I ask more questions than tell people what to do
  • I add optimism and positivity rather than negativity
  • I have left behind any drama in my life (it’s way better this way)
  • I admit that I am often wrong, and I’m cool with it (you learn more this way)
  • I understand I can learn from others, even if it’s what NOT to do.
  • I am closer to identifying and starting the work I feel is the best fit for me
  • and I’m less fearful of failing, as I have learned it’s the fastest way to making significant progress

And it all becomes as part of an upward spiral.

When you start changing the way you think, you start changing the things you do. When you start changing the things you do, great opportunities begin to occur.

This also applies to trading and spread betting the financial markets. The challenge for most traders is to change the way they think about the markets. Abandoning their romantic view of how they want to make money or how it “should” work and learning how to adapt to what will actually work.

So if you’re where I was 8 years ago, know that by taking action things can change in your life very quickly. All you have to do is get started.

You can get to where you want to be. It’s not unachievable. People around the world change their lives all the time. They reach a point where enough is enough and take action. They get off their butts and make some changes.

What’s one small change you can make today in order to create some momentum for yourself?

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One Comment on “A look back over the last 8 years”

  1. Hi Chris

    Q? please if I may.
    Is your watchlist confined to FTSE stocks only, i.e. no U.S. or Euro area stocks?
    I live in the Euro area. While you may be even further from that within the coming months, the future Sterling exchange rate will become a further risk for me.

    Pat F

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