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Diary of a UK Stock Investor

Week 25 – 2022 I’ve had this idea floating around my head to let people into my little investing bubble and share what I’m doing every week. Despite the obvious …

Getting Started

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How to Grow More Money Whatever Your Income

If you want to grow more money there are some fundamental rules that you must follow. Rules that most of us have never been taught before. School doesn’t teach you …


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Stock Portfolio

How My Portfolio Reached £27,144 in August 2021

Welcome to My Portfolio Report for August 2021. SUMMARY The investment return of my portfolio rose by +£638.35 (+2.4%) across the month of August 2021. This figure excludes the benefit …

How My Portfolio Reached £26,506 in July 2021


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inflate their profits

The Way FTSE Stocks Legally Inflate Their Profits

Did you know that many FTSE companies inflate their profits so that they look better for investors? Did you know that this was 100% legal? Most investors don’t have a …

5 Ways to Find a Great Stock

FTSE 250

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Dunelm plc

The FTSE Show 44 | Dunelm plc

This UK home retail store is actually doing surprisingly well over the last 10 years and is one of the rare retail companies in the Top 250 FTSE businesses that …

The FTSE Show 35 | WH Smith plc

The FTSE Show 34 | JD Weatherspoon plc


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Taylor Wimpey

The FTSE Show 011 | Taylor Wimpey plc

How do you research the best stocks to invest in? This show is dedicated to tearing apart FTSE stocks and finding the best of the best companies to invest in …


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Astrazeneca plc

The FTSE Show 43 | Astrazeneca plc [AZN]

£85 for a share in AZN. New deals for them on the cards. Lots of investors with low horizons getting excited about grabbing some quick profits. None of which are …

The FTSE Show 009 | Oxford Biomedica plc