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Fantasy Stock Picker

Fantasy Stock Picker – Round 2 Update

OK ok ok. I finally got around to posting a Week 2 update to the Fantasy Stock Picker – Round 2. People have been bashing down my door demanding an …

FTSE 100

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Rolls Royce Holdings plc

Is [RR] Rolls Royce Holdings plc a good purchase right now?

Trading at £9.30 a share with an £0.11p annual dividend, I took a look at [RR] Rolls Royce Holdings plc today to see whether they would be a suitable…

FTSE 250

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FTSE 250 Travel & Leisure

3x FTSE 250 Travel & Leisure Stocks I would avoid

The UK Travel & Leisure sector has performed poorly over the last 12 months, with the NMX5750 sector falling from 10400 in July 18 to 9200 at time of writing. …


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The 5 Trading Rules to success that no-one appreciates

There are probably hundreds of posts out there on the internet telling you 3 simple rules to successful trading, or 3 best strategies etc etc. Theres a reason. The headlines …

Taking More Risk on One Trade


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[GSK] – GlaxoSmithKline plc – Analysis Report

Bit of a surprise this one.

Today I took a long hard look at UK giant [GSK] – GlaxoSmithKline and was very surprised at the results….


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The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP046 – How to Pick Winning Stocks

This week’s episode looks at the technique I use to fine tune the stock selection process and explains how to pick winning stocks.

The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP045 – Trusting Winners to Grow

Inspired by an email I received this morning. This week we discuss how to develop more confidence in your winning trades, so that you are less compelled to bank them …

The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP044 – Recency Bias

Why when we look at the 8th trading signal do we allow the outcome of trades 1 to 7 to influence our decision? Because your perspective changed. It was coloured …

The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP043 – Entries & Exits

A common pattern I see amongst many losing traders is their deep rooted fascination in the entry of a trade. I understand it. It feels like common sense that when …

The CLEAN Trader Podcast – EP042 – Stop Loss Placement

Do you keep finding yourself getting stopped out of perfectly good positions? Or on the other end of the scale are you finding your stops are never getting hit? What …